Be a Firework

I feel I’ve been listening to fireworks for the last three weeks but Bonfire Night is finally over.  Maybe it’s a sign of how hectic life has become and how instant, we cannot wait for things to come.

Yet for some things we do wait, often too long.  We get busy working, taking care of family, keeping fit, running homes etc we forget to get busy taking care of ourselves.  We sit at desks tensing our neck and shoulder muscles, we run before work and don’t have time to stretch or relax afterwards.  If something hurts we wait to see if it gets better on its own…  with time, yet we still want instant results.  So things get more difficult and we become tired and worn down and find it difficult to do what we want to do.

Therapeutic Massage is the perfect antidote to this negative cycle.  Remedial massage helps reduce tension in tight muscles for the office worker and sports massage relieves fatigue and muscle strain for the athlete.  If you’re more in need of relaxation then aromatherapy, reflexology or muscle melting Lava Shell warming massage can provide some respite.  Whatever you chose you get ‘me time’ and are investing in your well being.

Life has much routine, it is how we get things done but it also has firework moments that we want to be fit enough to embrace and enjoy.  So be a cascading fountain or high flying rocket at time with regular periods of being a super sparkler, but balance it with an investment in well being.