Advent Promise


Do you remember the excitement of putting up the advent calendar when you were a child?  It meant Christmas was really on its way.  It’s a practise I gave up years ago but I saw something this week that is making me reinstate the idea of ‘opening a door’ each day.

I have spoken in the year and in the clinic about Random Acts of Kindness and how they are so easy to do and so lovely to receive.  So every day in advent I plan to ‘open a door’ and spread Christmas cheer with random acts of kindness.  The easiest will be smile, holding a door open or acknowledging a kindly driver who lets me through the traffic.  I will try to remember that the person holding up the supermarket queue may be chatting to the cashier because it is the only conversation they will have today.

I challenge you to join me and we can all add up our open doors on Christmas Eve and congratulate ourselves for spreading the real meaning of Christmas.  Please feel free to spread your random acts of kindness on our Facebook or Twitter pages.