Time to reorganise

I have spent quite a bit of my lockdown time sorting and filing doing all those less important jobs I put off in busier times. Having looked through some of the old blog posts it seems a few are more relevant now than they were when I wrote them.

I am going to repost some over the coming weeks to help us all focus and get through this pandemic as safely and as healthy as we can. Our daily dose of fresh air and exercise is hugely beneficial and especially on a day like today where I sit typing with the sun streaming through the window. However, our mental health and attitude will get us through this and should also be addressed.

As I am by nature a planner I have a list of things I want to do while I’m unable to work in the clinic. I am doing lots of reading, research and administration so once I can get back to treatment there will be no holding me! I will share some of my goals with you and keep you posted as I achieve them but really the big goal is to get to the end of this safe and well. I know some of you are using the time to learn a new skill or do things such as gardening that you usually don’t have enough time for. Many of us are also missing our friends and family, if you are shielding someone these are very hard times.

Although we cannot talk in the clinic as we always do and I am missing that every day I am still at the end of the phone or via an email. If you want to chat or ask anything I can help with then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

So challenge number one – stay safe and keep in touch.